The most beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam

Deep inside mountains covered with jungles in Vietnam, there are many attractive natural attractions, especially waterfalls. Vietnam has many waterfalls from the north to the south. Here are some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam visitors should pay a visit in this hot summer.

Silver Fall is about 12km from the center of Sapa town. To reach this waterfall, tourists can go from Sapa center by car or motorcycle in only 30 minutes. Visiting Silver Waterfall on sunny days, it looks like a white dragon looking down from Ham Rong Mountain.

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The most detailed guide for your trip to Pattaya coastal city

Pattaya overview
The city has three main areas:
=>  Naklua: if you're in need of a peaceful trip in Pattaya, then this is the area for you. However, the coast here is muddy and has a lot of quicksand so swimming at the beach is not recommended.
=>  Central Pattaya: this is the busy and crowded part of the city, which attracts the majority of tourists. There’s also a bustling Walking Street where you can go for a walk and hang out at night.
=>   Jomtien: a heaven for foodies, especially those who are in love with Thai food. Then you must not miss this chance of tasting Thai's specialties by the beach!

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The most popular paradise islands in Vietnam

The most popular paradise islands in Vietnam for visitors to escape the scorching hot weather of June
Sea trips are always the first choice for hot June days. Let’s update the five paradise islands in Vietnam which attract visitors this summer.

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